As many of our customers and representatives have come to know through their use over the years, PARAZYME is a ready-to use enzyme formulation designed to liquefy and digest complex proteins, cellulose, starch, fats, oils, and greases at an accelerated rate; It is a safe, natural processing agent for the elimination of the cause of odors instead of masking the problem.

While PARAZYME has direct benefit in cleaning and treating Kitchen Drains and Grease Traps for which it was designed, it is an extraordinarily versatile enzyme product that also finds great effect on Septic Tanks, Bathrooms, and Pet Stains on rugs, carpets and upholstery.

We are continuously being apprised of new applications where this product has proven not only effective, but extremely successful, and we share three such anecdotal reports with our readers below:

1. A few years ago, one of my dry cleaning customers called looking for help cleaning an heirloom afghan.  Apparently his customer had accidently closed the door which allowed their cat access to its litter box before they left for the week end.  Upon their return, they discovered the cat had used the afghan as a replacement to the litter box, and it was quite soiled.  They subsequently placed the item in a plastic bag, tied the top in a knot, and set it by the door — where it sat a few days before arrival at the cleaners.  They said it was an heirloom and hoped it could be cleaned; but if not, to simply discard and appraise them of the cost.  He asked what he should use and I recommended Citrazyme.  He subsequently called my distributor, and ended up with Parazyme.  The next morning he called and said he’d tried the Parazyme, and I felt like I had driven over a ‘tickle belly’ bump on a road because that’s a drain cleaner for restaurants, not a laundry product.  He then said the afghan turned out awesome and I needed to get down there immediately and check it out. So I did, and it was!Since that point, we have encouraged all our cleaners to at least have a gallon (if not a 5-gallon pail on a pump) for use with comforters, coats and jackets, pillows, underwear and socks, tee shirts and bras, AND in wet-cleaning on wool pants and comforters.Parazyme is now one of our best sellers, and part of the Pariser ‘Crack for Cleaners’ threesome of Parazyme, Shot Spot, and Citrasol!

2.  Chlorhexidine Gluconate is the bane of many hospital laundries, with the brown stains it creates upon exposure to chlorine or high pH before proper flushing.  In one particular account, we had increased the number of flushes, as well as the water levels inside those flushes, but to no avail.  We then tried oxygen bleach, which helped but did not eliminate the problem.  Peracetic acid was not (and is not) an option in this facility.

At this point we contacted the makers of ChloraPrep and asked them what might work to remove the product before staining.  They said the only product which seemed to do a reasonable job was liquid enzyme detergent.  With this information, and a gallon of Parazyme already in the building, we added 8 ounces of Parazyme and 4 oz of N-Surf-P to a 10 minute prewash added to their Sheets formula.  The results were very positive.  We were able to take fails from 10-14 lost per 200lb load, to just 2-4 items lost per 200lb load.  Not to mention the benefit to the overall appearance of the linens from the Parazyme.

Subsequent to this, we have recommended all our nursing home and hospital clients use Parazyme as a regular additive to their sheets, pillow cases, bed spreads, and personals smelling of urine or feces.  The stuff is insanely good at getting rid of funk, and fast.

3.  We have a horse track in Minnesota that had a very intricate system installed to spray contact fly insecticide throughout the barn while the horses are not there.  The system proved relatively ineffective because the place was, well, a barn.  So our distributor having had good success with Parazyme in laundries, asked the grounds manager if he had ever used enzymes to clean the barn…he hadn’t.  We promptly got him started mixing Parazyme in water and washing down the stall walls, and flushing it down the central drain gutter.  After less than a couple weeks, the barn started smelling noticably cleaner, so the manager suggested mixing Parazyme and water and spraying it through the insecticide system.  Within a couple weeks the whole barn smelled clean…it was absolutely incredible.  Guaranteed the cleanest barn within 100 miles…

  • Brent Hendrickson – SoapTech Inc., Minneapolis, MN