Wet-Cleaning Chemicals

Premium Quality Dry-Cleaning and Wet-Cleaning Products

The wet-cleaning process was a risky and sometimes costly experiment in the past, even for the most knowledgeable dry-cleaner. Damaged garments could hurt your most valuable asset — your customers’ trust.

Pariser Industries has worked diligently to develop specific products and methods for handling your customers’ delicate wet-cleaning garments. After years of extensive laboratory and field testing, Pariser is pleased to offer a series of premium-quality, highly-concentrated wet-cleaning products.

The best products cannot entirely provide the required results without the benefit of technical support and education to the end user. Pariser considers this intellectual property to be a valuable asset and shares this knowledge with all of their product customers.


All-in-one (one-shot) wet-cleaning product which combines an acid-based detergent (to inhibit dye loss on dry-clean-only fabrics), stain removers, and fabric conditioners.


Fabric conditioner and retexturizing agent formulated for professional wet-cleaners to process textiles that require additional drape relaxation and a softer, supple hand.


Ready-to-use enzyme formulation designed to liquefy and digest complex proteins, cellulose, starch, fats, oils, and greases at an accelerated rate in the washer or at the spotting board.

PDF LS-100

A blend of synthetic liquid sizing and natural corn starch.


A highly versatile, all-purpose stain remover.


A highly versatile, powdered, color safe oxygen bleaching agent blend. Designed for use as a multi-function cleaning and destaining specialty chemical.


Acid-based wet-cleaning detergent formulated to inhibit dye loss on “dry clean only” fabrics.

Pariser has the most effective and economical products we have ever used. Great for laundry, wet- cleaning, and especially garment fire/water restoration. The value of these products, the service, and personal attention provided by Dalex Chemicals, surpasses our expectations.

Rob Talucci, Club Value Cleaners/CRDN, Canada

We at Master Dry Cleaners have been absolutely amazed at the quality of our Wet-Cleaning results since switching to Pariser products. We have tried many different companies and have not had the desired results prior to Pariser. Our garments are coming out beautifully clean, the pricing is fair, and the customer service and expertise we receive from Tim Hush is outstanding. We highly recommend Pariser for your cleaning needs.

Jon Conant, Owner, Master Cleaners, Elite Cleaners, Traverse City, MI

I use Pariser Wet Cleaning products. Their Aqua Velvet product keeps the fabric conditioned while it gently cleans. Then I finish with Pariser's Hydrocon Conditioner which leaves the garments feeling soft and bright like they were dry cleaned.

Nick Ressa, Ressa Meadowlands Cleaners, NJ

I use Pariser's Wet Cleaning products in my new wet cleaning machine with exceptional results. I find that Pariser wet cleaning chemicals allows me to wet clean 'dry clean only' fabrics with a soft feel and a fresh scent.

Michael Scuola, Saratoga Dry Cleaners, Saratoga, NY

We run a high end sweater manufacturing operation in New York City's fashion district. We wet clean our wool sweaters after manufacturing to clean the fiber and stabilize the dyes. We exclusively use Pariser Industries' Wet Cleaning products and technical consultation on formula cycle construction in order to produce the superior results we demand.

Leonard Keff, KEFFNYC

The Wet Cleaning products, Aqua Velvet and Hydrocon, have eliminated any unpredictability, allowing me to process DRY TO DRY. The colors are crisp and clear and the fabrics are soft and pliable, making pressing a breeze. I would highly recommend Pariser products to anyone in the garment care industry. The quality is excellent and the pricing cannot be beat.

Betty Skoutakis, President and CEO Sketchley Cleaners, Toronto, Ontario, Canada