Fire Restoration Chemicals

Fire Smoke Textile RestorationGarment, rug, fire, and smoke restoration work can be a challenging and rewarding experience. The different fabric composition compounded by smoke and fire damage can challenge the skills of the most seasoned professional cleaner.

Pariser has worked directly with some of the best garment and rug restoration companies to successfully develop a system using our specialty cleaning chemicals combined with our consultation services.

Our wet-side formulas are effective at removing soot, smoke, odor, and mildew while leaving garments feeling soft and fresh. On the dry-side, we manufacture a full line of restoration products formulated for perc and hydrocarbon systems. We have also developed deodorizing chemicals which virtually eliminate the need for space and time-consuming ozone treatments. 


All-in-one (one-shot) wet-cleaning product which combines an acid-based detergent (to inhibit dye loss on dry-clean-only fabrics), stain removers, and fabric conditioners.


A highly active odor counteractant for numerous applications involving the removal of organic-type odors.


A concentrated, coconut oil-based odor counteractant and solvent additive specifically developed for the mitigation of organic-based odors in the textile/smoke restoration process.


A low odor, all-purpose, dry-side stain remover effective in the removal of fire-related stains in the first of a two-bath system.


A highly versatile, all-purpose stain remover.


A carefully selected blend of anionic and nonionic biodegradable synthetic detergent and fluorescent brighteners.

Pariser has the most effective and economical products we have ever used. Great for laundry, wet-cleaning, and especially garment fire/water restoration. The value of these products, the service, and personal attention provided by Dalex Chemicals, surpasses our expectations.

Rob Talucci, Club Value Cleaners/CRDN, Canada