Laundry Management Systems (LMS)

A Value added, NO-CHARGE consulting service primarily geared to our Healthcare and Hospitality related customer operations. Through proper evaluation and quantitative research into a laundry operation, it is not uncommon to determine that the annual cost of chemical can be offset from savings derived in-house modification of the laundry operation.

In addition to Pariser’s commitment to timely and competent technical service at the wash room level, our company prides itself on its ability to provide Management Systems that empower our clients to more effectively monitor and supervise the overall laundry operation.

How It Works

It costs roughly a penny to a penny and a half for chemicals to produce a pound of clean linen in the average on-premise laundry. The Total cost to process that same pound of linen however, can range from a low of $0.22/lb to as much as $0.35lb when all related costs are quantified and totaled. The $0.13 difference in these two cost levels in, for instance a 120 bed nursing home processing re-usable incontinent linens, can exceed $85,000 spent annually. If captured, these cost savings will directly benefit the facilities’ bottom line profit.

Point-of-use auditing tools, combined with our insights about Preferred Laundry Practices derives from a forty-five year history serving laundries of all sizes and nature, enabling our customers to detail facility linen requirements, and quantify the total cost of labor, utilities, and linen replacement expenditures which far outweigh those of the related chemical supplies.

Our processes rely on qualitative research, and employ a variety of quantitative tools including use of our automated dispenser reporting systems. Utilizing our experience in the interpretation of this operating data, we are able to assist laundry supervisory personnel in making managerial modifications that reduce the total cost to produce clean and sanitary linen. In many cases these cost reductions equate to dollar amounts vastly greater than the amount spent on the chemicals purchased and used in the operation.

Pariser Laundry Management Systems are a no cost, value added service that can assist client facilities in performing the following functions:

  • Assess the Actual Daily Linen Requirements of the Host Facility
  • Educate Facility personnel in the performance of Linen Inventory and preferred Linen Management practices (inclusive of
  • rewash, reclaim, ragout, and linen replacement purchase procedures)
  • Educate washroom personnel on proper soil sorting and machine loading
  • Determine Actual Linen Par levels
  • Contrast Daily Requirements with Wash Room Operating Capacity
  • Analyze and manage labor hours to maximize pounds processed per operator hour

My Pariser representative gives me advice and guidance as if my company was his. Pariser's extensive product line gives me the tools to give my customers the quality they demand.

Eddie Altinis, Total Garment Care, NJ

We run a high end sweater manufacturing operation in New York City's fashion district. We wet clean our wool sweaters after manufacturing to clean the fiber and stabilize the dyes. We exclusively use Pariser Industries' Wet Cleaning products and technical consultation on formula cycle construction in order to produce the superior results we demand.

Leonard Keff, KEFFNYC