Dry Cleaning Chemicals

Pariser Industries has, for over 45 years, been in the forefront of cutting-edge technology for the Dry-Cleaning industry. The company’s founder, Albert Pariser founded Anscott Chemical in 1960s (later called Caled), and developed much of the original product line there that would later evolve into today’s Pariser product offerings. With over 100 years of hands-on experience at our disposal, count on Pariser to provide effective chemical and operational solutions for your business. With a time-tested, field proven line of professional dry cleaning and specialty products for textile maintenance applications, Pariser is your complete product provider for every application.


Premium coconut oil based dry-cleaning detergent, for Perc or Hydrocarbon.


Premium dry-cleaning detergent containing additives to inhibit bacteria growth.


Economical dry-cleaning detergent containing cationic and anionic ingredients, for Perc or Hydrocarbon.


Premium dry-cleaning detergent formulated for Green Earth solvent.


Dry-cleaning solvent treatment additive designed to re-stabilize solvent and eliminate fatty acid odors. (Perc or Hydrocarbon).


Multi-purpose stain remover formulated for use in both Perc and Hydrocarbon solvents.


Breakthrough product in spin disc filtration system maintenance. (Perc and Hydrocarbon).


A concentrated blend of degreaser and emollients for effective cleaning in iPura and or other spray/ Hydrocarbon solvent systems. Product does not leave residual spots requiring re-processing.


The finest neutral ph Wet-Side spotter on the market. The additives that make up Neutra Lube actually help ‘wet-out’, penetrate, lift and suspend spots from the fabric.


Designed to be used as an aid in the pre-spotting process, both as a Silk Spotter, and as a general Leveling Agent for moisture sensitive fabrics.


Product of choice for the removal of beverages, liquor, tea, coffee, grass and other tannin type stains.


Product used in the removal of blood urine, milk, perspiration and other protein type stains.


The spotting product of choice for the general removal of most ink, and many crayon, grease, tar & oily type stains.


An extremely effective, Dry Cleaning Dry-side spray spotter that can be used for both dry and wet-side and “pre” and “post” spotting applications.

My Pariser representative gives me advice and guidance as if my company was his. Pariser's extensive product line gives me the tools to give my customers the quality they demand.

Eddie Altinis, Total Garment Care, NJ

For the last few years I have been using Pariser's Citrazyme for my shirts. Shirts always come out bright, clean, and smelling fresh. Collars and cuffs look great with almost no scrubbing. High quality products at great prices. Pariser support is always prompt and professional.

Rick Hunley, Skyland Cleaners, NC

Pariser has the most effective and economical products we have ever used. Great for laundry, wet- cleaning, and especially garment fire/water restoration. The value of these products, the service, and personal attention provided by Dalex Chemicals, surpasses our expectations.

Rob Talucci, Club Value Cleaners/CRDN, Canada

I have been using Pariser products for a few years and I am very happy with their performance and more importantly, the service and support of Dalex Chemicals. The laundry detergent Citrazyme has eliminated the need to prespot collars and cuffs. The whites are sparkling white and the colored shirts never fade. I SWEAR BY THE PRODUCTS.

Betty Skoutakis, Sketchley Cleaners/FRSTeam, Canada

I have been using Pariser Products from Dalex Chemicals for a long time. George Manikis' excellent service and the product's great results have never disappointed me or my customers.

Steve Kwan, Del Ray Cleaners, Canada

I use Pariser's Wet Cleaning products in my new wet cleaning machine with exceptional results. I find that Pariser wet cleaning chemicals allows me to wet clean 'dry clean only' fabrics with a soft feel and a fresh scent.

Michael Scuola, Saratoga Dry Cleaners, Saratoga, NY

The Wet Cleaning products, Aqua Velvet and Hydrocon, have eliminated any unpredictability, allowing me to process DRY TO DRY. The colors are crisp and clear and the fabrics are soft and pliable, making pressing a breeze. I would highly recommend Pariser products to anyone in the garment care industry. The quality is excellent and the pricing cannot be beat.

Betty Skoutakis, President and CEO Sketchley Cleaners, Toronto, Ontario, Canada