Laundry Chemicals

Laundering Challenges

On-premise and commercial laundry facilities confront a variety of special challenges to produce clean linens and other garments in a highly competitive environment. The removal of stubborn stains, EPA monitoring, adjusting water quality variation, managing labor & energy costs, as well as handling heavy volumes under time restrictions must all be addressed in an efficient and economical manner.

How Pariser Can Help

Pariser manufactures a full line of innovative laundry chemical products for all washroom applications, from to home-style top loaders right on through to continuous batch, tunnel washing operations. Pariser utilizes more than 45 years of expertise gained from serving large Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, and On-Premise laundries. Whether the laundry operation is in a Resort/Cruise Ship, Surgical Center, or processes Table Linen, Althetic Team Uniforms, Health Club Towels, or Veterinary Clinic linens, Pariser has the products and the expertise to enable its clients to produce clean, hygienic linens in an efficient and economical manner. Pariser brings unsurpassed professionalism to deliver outstanding results.

Concentrated Laundry Systems (CLS)

A full line of powerful, liquid, automatically injected laundry products packaged in convenient 2.5 gallon, wall mountable totes. CLS frees up floor space for simplified storage and cleaning. Empty totes are easily stored and discarded. Concentrated formulae allow for reduced changing and economical formula costs. Generally intended for healthcare, hospitality, and shirt laundering applications where available space is at a premium.

Liquid Laundry Systems (LLS)

Over 75 liquid products are designed for use in any on-premise laundry application. Innovative products include Environmentally Preferred chemistry and options for top-loaders to tunnel washing applications. Pariser provides, installs, and maintains an automatic injection dispensing system at no-charge on a lend-lease basis. This proven system optimizes laundry operations by accurately and consistently injecting product on each and every load.

Powder Laundry Systems (PLS)

A comprehensive line of Builders, Detergents, Bleaches, Sours, Softeners and innovative specialty items spanning applications from top-loading machines, processing personal cloths, on up to 1,000lb washer-extractors cleaning bar mops, kitchen rags, or industrial wiping cloths.

Laundry Management Systems (LMS)

A value added, no-charge consulting service primarily geared to our Healthcare and Hospitality related customer operations. After a thorough evaluation and quantitative research of an On-Premise laundry, it is not uncommon that modest operational changes can result in customer savings equal to, or vastly exceeding the annual cost of chemicals purchased by the facility. Our Laundry Management Systems are tools designed to enable management to better evaluate and control related laundry operational costs.