About Pariser

Manufacturers of specialty cleaning chemicals

ISO 9001:2015 logoPariser Industries is a diversified innovator and manufacturer of cleaning chemical specialties for the laundry, dry- and wet-cleaning, food service/ware washing, housekeeping/janitorial, and water treatment industries.

The company provides fair prices, state-of-the-art cleaning chemical products, and the technical field support necessary to ensure product usage in an effective, safe, and economical manner. Pariser builds on founding principles of quality, customer service, and value together with its employees.

Pariser sells and services its products through a direct sales and distributor network that encompasses more than 40 US states, Canada, and the Caribbean. The office headquarters are in Paterson, New Jersey.

Pariser Industries manufactures its products in conformance with ISO 9001 Standard requirements.


The company covers a variety of operations:

  • on-premises laundries (hotels/resorts/cruise ships, health clubs, athletic teams, party rental companies)
  • institutional laundries (nursing homes, surgical centers, veterinary clinics)
  • dry-cleaning and wet-cleaning (traditional cleaners and garment rental/subscription providers)
  • fire restoration (garment/rug restoration companies)
  • janitorial/housekeeping (hotels/motels)
  • ware washing (restaurants)
  • water treatment (boiler and HVAC systems)

Customer satisfaction and service

Pariser does more than sell chemicals. The company also offers:

  • consultation, overview, and training in operator safety, production, linen handling, and replacement costs
  • technical service
  • no-obligation operational survey analyses
  • laboratory and field analyses


Approved vendor for the Association of Econo Lodge Franchisees (ELFA).


AnscottAlbert Pariser established Pariser Industries in 1971. Today, the company is co-owned by his sons, Andrew and Scott. Many of Pariser’s products originated from Albert’s first company in the 1960s, Anscott Chemical. 

Andrew Pariser

Andrew PariserAndrew graduated from the University of Maryland in 1972 and joined his father to build a successful business. After learning about textile knitting, finishing, dying, and the cut and sew industries, Andrew was able to propel the company into new fields. He was also instrumental in the start-up of the water and wastewater treatment division. As co-president with his brother Scott, Andrew currently oversees corporate administration, research/new product development, manufacturing, and all commercial laundry sales and servicing.

Scott Pariser

Scott PariserScott joined Pariser, alongside his brother and father, upon graduation from the University of Maryland in 1976. He created the on-premise laundry, institutional laundry, and housekeeping lines. He also expanded the dry- and wet-cleaning programs. As co-president with his brother Andrew, Scott heads the sales and marketing department. Under Scott’s guidance, the sales team grew to cover an extensive spectrum of trades that serves hundreds of customers in expanded regions.