Minimizing Disruption to Your Business

Pariser Industries takes great pride in our professional, clean and safely designed laundry dispensing installations. Here is a great example of our work and what a properly done installation should look like courtesy of Mark Buren, Regional Manager in the Central/South Florida marketplace.

  • The equipment pictured was installed on a 1/2″ solid vinyl board, 3/4″ away from the wall.
  • Lathe strips were used so that no water or chemical would touch the wall, and all excess electrical wiring was hidden behind the vinyl board.
  • The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) binder is conveniently tucked above and behind the board with the operating and drum changing procedures front and center below the surge protector.
  • This equipment package was mostly pre-assembled offsite before arriving at the client’s property, allowing for an efficient installation of new laundry dispensing equipment without disruption to the ongoing work-flow.
Professional Laundry Dispensing Equipment

Professional Laundry Dispensing Equipment

From to manufacturing to service-support Pariser Industries’ associates take great pride in support our customer’s needs. Great job Mark!