PARISER INDUSTRIES announced today that it has products and services to help dry cleaners meet new legislative requirements designed to prevent the spread of legionella bacteria. On August 17th, Governor Como announced statewide emergency regulations that are immediately in effect for 90 days, at which point they will be adopted into permanent regulations.

Open Cooling Tower Re-circulating Systems are ideal locations for the existence and reproduction of pathogenic organisms. The Pariser Cooling Tower Water Treatment Compliance Program is designed with current standard industry protocols to minimize disruption to your business. The new Program includes on-site service by experienced environmental professionals that understand the City and State legislative requirements for registration, testing, inspection, and certification of cooling towers. Additionally, recommended products are available for immediate implementation to keep your systems properly maintained. The products will control scale and biological-growth formation to meet the requirements of ASHRAE 188-2015, as incorporated by section 4.6 of Public Health and Health Planning Council and the Commissioner of Health. Periodic cooling system water sampling, subsequent laboratory testing and reporting will be provided to the client detailing conditions found and further actions that may be necessary. The Program goal is to maintain a more efficient and clean cooling system that keeps you in compliance with regulations.

“It is important to establish a Cooling Tower Water Maintenance routine to prevent serious health concerns and to enhance dry cleaning machine efficiency. Our trained dry cleaning industry professionals have effective and economical solutions to help you keep your cooling water system in compliance.” said Scott Pariser, President Pariser Industries.

Pariser Industries has served the Professional Dry Cleaning Industry for 45 years as manufacturer of Dry and Wet Side chemical products such as Perchlorethylene, Hydrocarbon and Alternative Type Solvent Related Detergents, Spotters and Specialty Maintenance Chemical items. Combining our Dry Cleaning and Cooling Water Treatment Chemical expertise, Pariser is prepared to provide the right environmental professionals with an in-depth understanding of your industry who can outline the specific steps to be taken to ensure compliance with new regulations and avoid violations.

To learn more about The Pariser Cooling Water Treatment Compliance Program contact us at 973-377-9466, or visit us at the NCA Texcare 2015 Trade Show, Booth # 311.