Pariser Industries is pleased to introduce a new development in garment finishing chemistry. STAND UP is an advanced, highly concentrated liquid synthetic sizing containing a unique blend of ingredients designed to provide significant body and rigidity to textiles in an aqueous environment. The product provides enhanced sizing qualities where a “heavy starch” like garment is desirable. STAND UP also prevents sticking and scorching, and makes ironing easier; especially on synthetic fabrics.

STAND UP’s non-viscous liquid characteristics allow for quick and easy addition by hand or pump, and the usage rates provide excellent economy.

Unlike competitive products, STAND UP will not separate under normal shelf life periods. In addition, STAND UP provides a pleasant fragrance, and it’s consistently fluid viscosity allows for perfect results, every time! Also, the product’s high potency can provide heavy starching without the buildup of other synthetic starches.
Excellent choice for starching jeans where increased stiffness is desired.


Use 2 to 6 ounces of STAND UP per 50 lb. load of garments dependent upon desired finish.


STAND UP is packaged in 4×1 gal cases, 5 gal pails and 15 gal drums.

For more information, please contact Pariser Industries at 800-370-SOAP (7627), or log on to