Neutral Lubricant Spotting Agent

 Neutra Lube is the finest neutral pH Wet-Side spotter on the market. The additives that make up Neutra Lube actually help ‘wet-out’, penetrate, lift and suspend spots from the fabric.

Always use Neutra Lube as your first step in spotting on the wet-side. Doing so will never set a stain, and will also help any other spotting agent added on top of the Neutra Lube to penetrate faster.  Neutra Lube is compatible with all solvents.

(As with any pre-spotting chemical, always test an inconspicuous area of the garment  when working with delicate fabrics).


NEUTRA LUBE is packaged in one gallon plastic containers, four to a case.

For more information, contact your Pariser representative, your local distributor,  or call 973-569-9090.