High Voltage DANGER Electrical Shock ElectrocutionRecently, one of our experienced technicians suffered a significant electrical shock while working on a washer which was “shut off at the circuit box.” The machine was later discovered to have been hooked up to two breaker boxes.

Our field engineers work in a fast-paced and somewhat dangerous setting. Their duties often involve electricity around, near, and sometimes standing in water.

Always use caution when dealing with equipment. Below are some recommendations to ensure that the source of electricity is disconnected:

  1. Turn the current off at the switch box and padlock the switch in the OFF position if possible.
  2. Invest in an electrical pen (voltage tester). It is a non-contact tool allowing the user to verify the presence of AC voltage from 12 to 1,000-volts before the commencement of electrical work. This pen provides both audible (beeping) and visual (360 degrees flashing red light) indicators to alert the engineers of electrical power.
  3. Test the main wiring for current with the electrical pen. Verify with a meter also.
  4. Check the ground-wire. Is the wire connected on the washer side? Is the wiring hooked up to the disconnected side?

Be safe!

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