Batter up — baseball has forever been America’s summer pastime. Hot dogs, peanuts, and the thrill of seeing a player slide into home plate. Not thrilling is the remnants of stains that are stubborn to remove.

The equipment manager at a college athletic department asked us to look into their stain situation. They were having difficulty removing red clay from their baseball uniforms. Laundries have always struggled to remove clay stains that are embedded and ground into the fabric of team jerseys. The standard combination of alkali, detergent, and oxygen bleach would not touch the red clay accumulated on the uniforms.

Red Clay Stained Sports Jersey Uniform Prozyme Detergent

Pariser Industries has discovered a way to treat stained uniforms and get them back into the starting lineup. The game-winning hit was one of our combo powder products — Prozyme.

Prozyme is a mildly-built powdered detergent containing an oxygen bleach, a low-temperature bleach catalyst, and specially-selected enzymes which perform effectively with red clay deposits. This product has also worked on uniform jerseys stained with rosin.

We also have an alternate stain solution using a combination of detergent, hydrogen peroxide, and Shot Spot. For more information, contact your local Pariser representative or distributor to see which of our industrial laundry products will help you knock those stains right out of the park.

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